Jig/Fixture – PCB Tester – Machining Parts and Custom Automation Machine
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PTW Techonology

Functional Test Fixture


We can provide a variety of Test Fixtures to suit your every need!

PTW Technology offers complete Test Fixture solutions at any level. From simple manual jigs to complex automated Test Fixtures. PTW Technology specializes in custom Electrical and Mechanical solutions for interfacing with the Unit Under Test (UUT).


Our experienced on-staff engineers and technicians are capable of design, fabrication and wiring fixtures of any complexity. PTW Technology’s project manager work as our coordination and communication link between our customers and the sales, design, engineering and testing departments. To ensure that all aspects of your projects run smoothly and efficiently to provide the most satisfaction.

Wave Pallet /Jig/Fixture for Assembly


PTW Technology designs and manufactures assembly tooling such as Wave pallet, Dip pallet, assembly fixture used in the electronics assembly and manufacturing processes in Thailand.


From Wave Solder and Selective Solder Pallets, SMT Fixtures, Screen Printer Tooling, Press Fit Tooling, Feeder and Stencil Storage Carts, Final Assembly Tooling,  PTW Technology produces high quality.